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Ways To Give

The Dauphin Hospital Foundation exists to support and enhance health care programs and needs for the patients, clients, residents and families of Dauphin Regional Health Centre.

Our purpose is to raise and manage funds to help meet or augment health care needs that are not funded in whole or in part by government or the regional health authority.

We rely on donations (cash or securities) from individuals, organizations and businesses that assist with various requests for medical equipment, education assistance, furnishing upgrades or other program/service enhancements.

Please consider making a charitable donation to the Dauphin Hospital Foundation. There’s no donation too small. Call the hospital (204) 638-3010 and ask to speak to someone about the Foundation. The Dauphin Hospital Foundation— Together, we’re making a difference!

Donation of Securities/Shares

If you would like to donate securities or shares, please use the links below to access our fillable form.

Estate Donations

The Dauphin Hospital Foundation wishes to sincerely thank our estate donors. The legacy gift this compassionate act of giving provides is immeasurable. These contributions have a lasting and meaningful impact on the quality of care that is provided within the Dauphin Regional Health Centre and Dauphin Personal Care Home.

A planned gift or bequest through a Will is a gift that can keep on giving for years to come. It helps us, on your behalf, leave a legacy that makes a difference in the lives that follow.

For more information about how to leave a bequest through your estate, contact the Hospital (204-638-3010) and ask to speak to someone about the Dauphin Hospital Foundation.

Sincere thank you to the Estate Donations of:

  • Anne Stewart Estate- $100,000 (2021)
  • Eileen Spicer Estate- $224,000 (2016)
  • Edward Best Estate- $ 15,000 (2015)
  • Lawrence & Grace Chute Estate- $261,000 (2013)

In memory of Lawrence and Grace Chute

Your contributions at work!

A list of some notable projects and purchases through the Dauphin Hospital Foundation.

  • 2021 Purchase of Hemodialysis Treatment Bed ($6,700)
  • 2021 Purchase of Portable Ultrasound ($54,00)
  • 2019 Purchase of Pediatric Emergency Cart ($6,000)
  • 2019 Purchase of Colonoscope ($36,000)
  • 2018  Purchase of Patient Manikin ($50,000)
  • 2018 Commitment of $15, 000 to first phase of Palliative Care Unit Redevelopment Project
  • 2017 Purchase of Medfusion syringe pumps for operating room ($ 5,600).
  • 2017 Purchase of NIBP monitor for Cancer Care Program ($3,500)
  • 2016- Purchase of temporal thermometers/ blood pressure monitors on DRHC  medicine unit ($15,000).
  • 2011- Renovations to nursing desk on Chemotherapy Unit ($12,000).
  • 2011- Blanket warmer for Chemotherapy Unit ($6,000).
  • 2010- Equipment / furnishing upgrades to Palliative Care Unit ($32,000).
  • 2010- Purchase of 3rd Telehealth Unit/Equipment for DRHC ($16,000).
  • 2009- Patient lift (Hemodialysis) and Fridge (Chemotherapy) ($4,000).
  • 2008- Infant incubator ($27,000) and Bladder Scanner ($21,000).
  • 2008- Contribution to construction of the new Dauphin Community Health Services Building.
  • 2007- Replacement of dining room tables/chairs at Dauphin PCH ($25,000).