Dauphin General Hospital Foundation looks back at a successful 2017

With time ticking down on 2017, the Dauphin Hospital Foundation is pleased to look back at accomplishments that have come as a result of significant contributions throughout the year.
A $50,000 combined contribution from both the Foundation and Dauphin Health Care Auxiliary went toward the purchase of a state-of-the-art Apollo Pre-Hospital Patient Simulator for Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC).

Foundation chairman Doug Deans says the simulator will soon be in use at DRHC.
“We were approached by Dr. Scott Kish, via the Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit, and he convinced us of the many benefits of utilizing the patient training mannequin,” Deans said.
“It was a big commitment, but both the Foundation and Auxilians recognize the importance of ongoing training and education for our health care staff and physicians.”
Donations to projects and various causes via the foundation in 2017 totalled over $74,000.
Deans noted the Foundation also plans to further contribute through the Delha Cort Educational Trust Fund, which is administered by senior managment at the DRHC.
Hospital employees can request access to enhance their education and skill-set, he said, adding DRHC staff should contact their supervisor to see how the fund can fit with their future professional development or career plans.
The foundation is especially proud of its continued advocacy efforts including leading the public campaign regarding the status of the MRI Unit in Dauphin. At a teleconference event Dec. 21, the Minister of Health, Kelvin Goertzen and Dauphin MLA Brad Michaleski confirmed the MRI Unit will be installed at Dauphin Regional Health Centre.
“Our Board had taken the position that based on wait time indicators, regional health assessment data, travel considerations and the future role of our regional health centre in Dauphin, the MRI Unit needed to come to fruition here. We stated that publically, most recently at the Finance Minister’s provincial budget information meeting held in the fall in Dauphin. The Minister of Health’s office indicated an answer was forthcoming before the end of 2017 and they kept their word on that and we are extremely pleased they are going to be proceeding to complete the MRI project in the near future,” Deans added.
Looking ahead to 2018, Deans said some other exciting projects are in the works, including contributions that will go toward a refresh of the Palliative Care Unit at the DRHC. More information on that project and others will be released in early 2018.
The board thanks all of the individuals, families, groups and organizations that have not only donated to the foundation in 2017, but in past years as well.

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