Dauphin Hospital Foundation volunteers committed to regional centre

As part of National Volunteer Week (April 19-25) the Dauphin Hospital Foundation (DHF) is proud to acknowledge its volunteer Board members that continue to actively support and promote projects, initiatives and specific requests that benefit the Dauphin Regional Health Centre and Dauphin Personal Care Home.

In 2018, the Foundation recognized its 30th year of operations. During the 30-plus years, the Foundation has also very much appreciated and benefitted from its close partnership with the Dauphin Health Care Auxiliary. The Auxiliary is represented on the Foundation Board and through their extraordinary and dedicated volunteer members, many important pieces of equipment, furniture and other program and service contributions have allowed Parkland area residents to have continued access to excellent care.

“Looking back on over three plus decades, we take this opportunity to recognize all past and present volunteer Board members as well as our health centre support staff for their contributions to our legacy,” stated Chairman Doug Deans.

With generous contributions from individuals, businesses and organizations, the Foundation has continued raising money to complete a project inside the health centre. An initial phase to redevelop the Palliative Care Unit is halfway completed.  Work is being finalized to purchase an additional two new beds for the Unit.  Each specially designed bed is about $30,000, and two of the required four beds within the Unit are already in use.

Deans says the volunteer board has been busy in a number of other ways.

“We’ve continued evaluating and supporting requests from local health-care professionals that applied for financial assistance to upgrade their training and skills in certain select, more specialized, positions.  This includes areas like extended practice nursing and even a medical technologist position in cardiology,” Deans added.

“Contributing to defined skill-set improvements for health professionals further enhances the ability to support additional health services in Dauphin, which alleviates, in some cases, increased need for Parkland residents and families to travel.”

Deans says both the Foundation and Health Care Auxiliary are very pleased with the joint $50,000 contribution that was made two years ago to purchase a state-of-the-art Pre-Hospital Patient Simulator Manikin.

“Manny has been an excellent patient used by Prairie Mountain Health staff, physicians as well as residents of the Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit.  We know that ongoing education and training is very important for our region’s health staff and this is an area that I am sure will continue to meet with future success,” Deans stated.

The DHF sincerely thanks all donors and supporters for their contributions to all designated areas of health care.

In recognition of its 30th year in operation, the DHF launched its website www.dghf.ca

Besides recognizing recent contributions, it also provides past history on the Foundation, information regarding other notable contribution highlights, and a donation section.  If you want to reach out to the Foundation, contact can be made through the website or by calling the Dauphin Regional Health Centre (638-3010) and asking to speak to someone about the Foundation.


Dauphin Hospital Foundation 2019-2020. From front left: Velma Snitka, Doug Deans, Chairperson, and Gail Hrehirchuk.  Back Left: Curt Gullett, DRHC Director, Malcolm Strang, Frank Shwets, Paul Overgaard, Blane Kraushaar and Greg Thompson. Missing from the photo are Foundation support staff Janice Lagoski and Jay Lynn Lonsberry-Luhowy.

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